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December 22, 2016
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June 17, 2017

FETP – Biggest Loser Challenge

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Last April, EEC initiated one of the most exciting events for this year, the Biggest Loser Challenge. This is the third time that EEC hosted this competition. Based on the international reality TV show where the event originally came from, the participant who loses the highest percentage of weight relative to their initial weight wins the challenge.

Continuing the tradition to spice things up, participants were given pseudo names or aliases to conceal their real identities. Names of local and international celebrities graced the bulletin board in the pantry area where the weekly winners are posted. There were a total of 23 participants who embarked on a ten-week period (including the initial weigh-in) to complete the challenge. The participants were also grouped into different teams namely Waist Basket, Belly Flat, Cell-u-Light, and Bod Squad.

To make the competition more interesting, EEC introduced some twists to the game. First one is giving a penalty of 50 pesos to all group members every time a team member gained a negative percentage loss for a given week. The second one comes out as an incentive as teams are given flags that can be accumulated when all members of each team actively took part in EEC’s weekly activities. Having these flags mean that they will not be required to pay the 50 pesos fine if they are penalized for a given week.

Since the Biggest Loser competition is all about losing weight, most participants mentioned of incorporating healthy food intake to their everyday routine, such as low-calorie, no rice, or a low-fat diet. Aside from their healthy diet, EEC decided to come up with different activities to help not just the Biggest Loser participants but also all FETP employees to have an active lifestyle.

One of those activities is the Da Zumbalicious Dance. Da Zumbalicious Dance activity was held 3 times from April 3 - June 5. Since a zumba instructor was not available during that time, EEC compiled different zumba videos. It was presented in front of the participants who actively followed its lead, mostly eliciting laughter as everyone tried their best to execute the alternating fast and slow rhythms of each routine.

Another activity conducted by EEC is a sports activity which included some games of basketball, volleyball, and badminton last May 31. The activity took place at Tierra Nueva.

The venue was not only filled with Biggest Loser participants but also with other FETP employees, including EEC members who did not miss the chance to join the activity. The court came alive with excited shouts of competitive players, lively cheers from teammates and some exasperated sighs when someone missed a shot or a goal. After almost 3 hours of physical exertion, EEC provided puto and macaroons to end a strenuous activity. It was a good workout, nonetheless.

A week after the final weigh-in and a few days before FETP’s Summer Outing, a surprise weigh-in was carried out. Expected or not by the participants, everybody took the task to stand on the weighing scale.

Announcement of the winners and revelation of all the Biggest Loser participants’ identities were made during FETP’s 25th Anniversary and Summer Outing at Plantation Bay, Cebu City. Here are the results and prizes of the Biggest Loser Challenge winners:

Individual Category (Karada Chiropractic Spa GC)
From the Business Development department (Female): (% Loss = 7.76%)

From the Business Development department (Male) (% Loss = 5.20%)

Group Category
First Place (Mandarine Reflexology Spa GC)

Team Waist Basket (% Loss = 13.80%)

Second Place (H&M GC)

Team Cell-u-Light (% Loss = 13.89%)

Third Place (Bench GC)

Team Belly Flat (% Loss = 13.00%)

Surprise Weigh-in (SM Gift Check)
From the HRGA department (% Loss = 8.79%)

From Business Development department (% Loss = 6.21%)

Special Prizes (Serenitea GC)
Biggest Gainer: From the Systems Development department
Most Active: From the Business Solutions divisionr
Not-so-BL: The company president
Weekly Winners
Week 1 (Sodexo GC): From the Systems Development department (% Loss = 3.36%)
Week 2 (Bench GC): From the Systems Development department (% Loss = 3.44%)
Week 3 (H&M GC): From the HRGA department (% Loss = 4.31%)
Week 4 (Bench GC): From the Business Development department (% Loss = 3.88%)
Week 5 (H&M GC): From the HRGA department (% Loss = 5.11%)
Week 6 (Bench GC): From the HRGA department (% Loss = 7.19%)
Week 7 (H&M GC): From the HRGA department (% Loss = 7.35%)
Week 8 (SM GC): From the HRGA department (% Loss = 6.55%)
Week 9 (SM GC): From the Business Development department (% Loss = 7.76%)

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