JPI Christmas Party JP 2015
December 12, 2015
JPI Summer Outing 2016
April 23, 2016

JPI Christmas Party PH 2015

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"Neon Glow Party"
18 December 2015

JPI sparkled like heavenly bodies in the night sky as they celebrated Christmas last December 18,2015 at the Waya Function Room of Acacia Hotel Alabang, with their eye-striking neon outfits on.They even glowed brighter as the room lights were overcame by black lights like...real stars! The night was kick-started with an opening remarks by one of the managers, followed by the president’s speech and traditional kampai led by the Company President. The night was filled with good food, good presentations, good games, good gifts, and good rewards. Everyone definitely had a good night, of course, with the help of the entertaining Masters of Ceremonies.

Good Food

Everyone has indulged in a mouthful of delightful dishes c/o Acacia Hotel and definitely enjoyed the dinner alongside an AVP of the past EEC 2015 activities. Oh, the good days.

Good Presentations

As part of the tradition, the 21st batch, performed an entertaining dance number. They all got some moves that everyone, for sure,is looking forward to more.

Good Games

Weeks before the party, the members were grouped into four teams: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune, to film a video presentation for the JPI Clash of Stars. One of the highlights of Philippine Entertainment 2015 was, undoubtedly, lip synching/dubsmashing, and JPI Clash of Stars was all about it. Instead of using spoken words to deliver lines, teams were only allowed to use songs or music by lip-synching. Presentations were judged by their Lip Sync Ability, Creativity, Acting/Choreography, Editing (quality of recording), and Audience Impact. Best Actors/ Actress were chosen from each team as well. Winners are as follows: 1st Place: Jupiter - A Chance to Forever; 2nd Place: Mars - The Martians(Dubsmash); 3rd Place: Venus - Eraserheadsserye; 4th Place: Neptune - Forever. Aside from the video presentation, we had the "Name the Baby" game on the venue. Baby pictures of selected members were flashed on the screen. To make the guessing easier, EEC has provided tricky hints along with the pictures. Best in Neon Attire survey forms were also distributed during the start of the event and were collected before the end. The awards were given to the Male and Female with the best and brightest attire.

Good Gifts

Christmas season is a season of giving.” Weeks back, EEC roamed and had the members pick codenames for their STARitos/STARitas for the MOONito/MOONita(exchange gift). The STARitos/STARitas were finally revealed on the night of the party. Some were surprised as their STARitos/STARitas came near them after saying their codenames, some were not as they were already getting hints from the weekly exchange gift, but everyone had that ear-to-ear smile on their faces as they received their gifts from their SUNtas. Of course, JPI showed appreciation to all its members by raffling prizes. The prizes were raffled in between programs, starting with the consolation prizes, to the minor and major prizes! Three lucky employees had the chance to take home a Sony Android TV, GoPro Hero 4 Silver, and a Playstation 4. Each employee received gifts, as EEC arranged exciting gifts for all, just as how the Father gave the Greatest Gift -- His beloved Son, for all, not just for some.

Good Rewards

Every good work deserves to be recognized and to be rewarded. Efforts, hardworks, dedication, and loyalty of members are being recognized every year. Employees who have rendered long years of service were rewarded with a Long Service Award. The member who has shown an outstanding performance across the year is also being recognized as Employee of The Year. Before the night ended, a new chairman for EEC 2016 was announced. One of the managers closed the night with a Benjamin Franklin quote “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” We are looking forward to what’s in store for us this 2016! May everyone glow and shine brighter this coming year!

“There are two kinds of light - the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures.” -James Thurber


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