FETP 25th Anniversary Celebration (PH)

FETP – Biggest Loser Challenge
September 15, 2017
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December 22, 2016

FETP 25th Anniversary Celebration (PH)

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Fujitsu Engineering Technologies Philippines, Inc., or FETP (formerly known as J-SYS Philippines, Inc. or JPI) has been part of the ICT industry for a significant number of years, but 2017 makes it extra special because the company marks its 25th anniversary. For more than two decades, FETP has overcome many challenges and together with its employees, gained various achievements.

To celebrate this historic milestone, the Employees’ Events Committee (EEC), with the approval of management, decided to combine the company’s two major events in the Philippines – the annual summer outing and the anniversary celebration.

Definitely one of the most exciting events in recent years, FETP visited one of the Philippines’ most famous tourist destinations in the Visayas – The Queen City of the South, Cebu! From June 17, 2017, EEC arranged 3 days and 2 nights’ worth of fun and relaxation. And to live up to this year’s theme, “Relax. Reflect. Refresh. Recharge”, EEC chose Plantation Bay Resort and Spa to accommodate all participants. The resort provided FETP employees with abundant food, comfortable rooms and exciting amenities.

Known for their active participation in healthy competition, all participants were divided into four teams. Each team was purposely named according to some of the country’s popular fishes -- Lapu-Lapu, Maya-Maya, Salay-Salay, and Hasa-Hasa, to compete against each other in the challenging but fun, indoor and outdoor games that EEC has prepared for everyone.


On the first day, it was obvious that excitement was in the air. FETP employees prepared for their early morning flights in NAIA Terminal 2. EEC randomly divided the passengers into 2 groups. The 1st group departed from Manila at 4:00 am and the 2nd group departed at 5:40 am. Upon arrival at the Mactan Cebu International Airport, participants were warmly greeted by the staff from Plantation Bay and led everyone to the resort via their shuttle service. To everyone’s surprise, they even provided separate limousine car services to our company president and one of the company’s directors.

As everyone reached Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, all FETP employees were once again warmly welcomed at the venue, with matching shell garlands and friendly smiles. The resort staff conducted a brief orientation regarding the facilities that everyone can use. Individual room key cards were also distributed to each occupant.


Upon arrival of the 2nd group and after they were given time to prepare, everyone proceeded to the vans assigned to each team for the city tour. The tour started with a visit to Alegre Guitar factory, one of the most prominent products of the Queen City of the South. Different kinds of acoustic instruments of the highest quality were available. There were also vendors playing all kinds of songs using different guitars not only promoting their product but a proof of the Filipinos’ musical talent.

Next stop was the Lapu-Lapu Shrine. Despite the heat, everyone took the time to take pictures and learn from this historical place. The Lapu-Lapu Shrine is where the bronze statue of Lapu-Lapu is located. The Lapu-Lapu statue is said to be on the exact spot where the battle was fought and where Magellan was killed. Anticipating that there would be no time to shop for some “pasalubong”, majority agreed to stop by a famous “pasalubong” center. And because this became a must for every Filipino tourist, the sales personnel was overwhelmed with shoppers that it took more than an hour to line up toward the cashier! From dried mangoes to the famous Cebu danggit, everyone did not miss a chance to bring home delicious delicacies from Cebu.

The city tour ended with an appetizing lunch at Lantaw Floating Restaurant. Mouth-watering dishes such as sisig, tuna, kilawin were served as everyone helped themselves to these delicious native cuisine, some of which were given the genuine taste of Cebu flavors.

After the abundant lunch, all headed back to the resort for some rest and free time to explore the different amenities available at Plantation Bay.


On the first night at the resort, all members had dinner at Valkyrie Hall. FETP employees were treated with a buffet setting served with pasta, seafood and desserts. After everyone was satisfied with their dinner, EEC prepared simple indoor games to liven up the night. First up was a Filipino classic – BINGO! With 10 rounds of competing with luck, everyone enjoyed the game, win or lose. Lots of prizes were also given to the winners. The next game was “JaPinoy Henyo”, another classic Pinoy game with a twist. Testing everyone’s Japanese, English and Tagalog vocabulary, the participants found it very challenging but fun. After the enjoyable dinner, it was time to call it a day and get ready for the set of activities that await everybody the following day.


EEC prepared lots of amazing outdoor games for FETP employees. But before that, everyone needed energy for the physical activities that await them. For that, a healthy breakfast was prepared for everyone at the Kilimanjaro Café.

After breakfast, it was time to show the beach body everyone has prepared for during the Biggest Loser events. After putting on some sunscreen, everyone got ready for the summer heat because it was time for the outdoor activities by the beach.

EEC prepared four games and the resort staff conducted its own game – the Duodecathlon.

The first game was called ‘Sand Castle’. Each team was required to build their own sand castle and perform a cheer that embodies this year’s theme – “Relax. Reflect. Refresh. Recharge”. All participants showcased their creativity and showmanship that entertained all who were watching.

The next was ‘Pass Me Some Water’, where members form a straight line, the member in front has to run to the sea to fill their cup with water then pass the water behind them to the other team members’ cup. Without their cups touching, water passed on from one cup to another must reach the last member who must pour the water into a bottle. First team to fill up the bottle first before the time limit, or the team with the most water filled bottle wins.

Third game was ‘Monkey In The Middle’, where team leaders choose 4 members and whether they become the attackers or the monkey. This game is like classic dodge ball where the attackers are split into 2 on each side, they throw the ball to the monkeys and the monkeys will try to dodge the ball, each round has a time limit of 5 minutes if the attackers eliminated all the monkeys within the time limit the attackers win, but if any monkey survive within the time limit the monkeys win. Every team with their own strategies, showed their determination to win against their opponents.

For the fourth and final game, all members in each team participated in a ‘Relay Game’. There were four parts to this game. First part had three players; two of them are tied back-to-back, one was blindfolded, while the second one had his or her mouth covered. The third player guided them so that they could avoid stepping into an obstacle on the way to the second part of the game. The second part of relay had two players; both of them needed to do 5 push-ups or at least until they had enough sweat in their body to be sticky. They used their back to lie on the ground with scattered coins until the coins stick to their sweaty back. They then proceeded to transfer the coin to the next spot and shake the coin out of their body. They could only proceed to the next stage after they had collected 10 coins. The third part had two players; they were side-by-side and had their hands tied. Using only one hand, they had to scoop sand from the ground and put the sand into a cup a few meters away from them. They must fill both cups before they could proceed to the fourth and final part of the relay. The last part consisted only one player. They were presented with a simple shape puzzle to solve. The team that completed all four parts of the game the fastest won the relay.

After the morning activities, and with everyone exhausted, all members gathered in Kilimanjaro Café once again to have their lunch to recharge for the next activity. After a little bit of free time and rest, all members got ready for the Duodecathlon hosted by none other than the resort staff themselves. This activity is like The Amazing Race where all members go to checkpoints and follow the instructions of the person-in-charge of that area. Each team needed to finish seven checkpoints and go back to the starting area. Activities in checkpoints include water slide, high diving, kayaking, word finding, mini golf, archery, and “chugging down a beer”. The first team to finish all activities in each checkpoint and return to the starting area won the game. Everybody had his or her own share of experiences after the exhausting activity.

After almost a full day of physical activities, everyone was given free time to take a rest and prepare for the big event – the anniversary celebration dinner. To bring relevance to the celebration, everyone was requested to wear the new company shirt.

The night's program were hosted by an energetic trio of FETP members. The event started with opening remarks from one of the company's directors and the traditional toast or “kampai” led by the FETP President. All attendees immediately proceeded to partake the sumptuous meal especially prepared by Plantation Bay for this event. Of course, the Cebu experience wouldn’t be complete without their signature food, the Cebu-style pork belly, which was undoubtedly the highlight of tonight’s dinner. Also worth mentioning was the variety of drool-worthy desserts that included the traditional “halo-halo”. While enjoying the various food choices in the buffet, everyone was given a chance to walk down memory lane with the showing of a nostalgic video containing a montage of photographs of all employees who helped shaped what FETP has become now.

To be able to rev up the night, EEC prepared more fun games for everyone’s amusement. The first game was “paint me a picture”, where all teams were shown three images, representing a clue to the movie’s title. When they guessed what movie it is in two minutes, they would now do a pose that closely represents that movie, or the iconic scenes of that movie. Team with the best representation of the movie with their pose won.

Next up was the much-awaited performance of the 22nd batch. As the newest members of FETP, the 22nd batch prepared an entertaining dance performance, to the tune of the famous Japanese song “Koi” popularized by Hoshino Gen. It was a fun thing to watch.

Without wasting much time, EEC immediately proceeded to the next game, which is FETP Feud; inspired by the classic TV gave show - Family Feud. Questions came from the results of a simple survey responded by FETP employees themselves.

Before the night was over, EEC members announced the winners of the Biggest Loser 2017 as well as revealed all their aliases. Details may be viewed in the EEC website.

Next up was the much-awaited announcement of the winning teams from all the games and activities. After all the hard work and fighting spirit, Team Lapu-Lapu proved to be the most competitive of all teams, and came out on top. And so, it was time to end the wonderful celebration with the closing remarks from one of the company's directors. Group pictures were taken afterwards, grabbing every opportunity to pose in front of anyone holding cameras or smartphones. Although the company dinner came to an end, the night definitely was still young! Everyone took time to take more group pictures and some went for late night drinks at the Alien Abduction bar. That was indeed a night to remember.


The last day of the Cebu escapade finally came. EEC did not arrange any group activities except for the breakfast buffet at the Kilimanjaro Café. While waiting for the shuttle service to take all participants to the Cebu-Mactan International Airport, everyone made the most of what the resort could offer.

The Queen City of the South indeed lived up to its title. Wonderful sceneries, numerous pools, delicious food and friendly locals - this was an event that will long be remembered. Not only did FETP celebrate its 25th anniversary, but it also gave a rare opportunity for employees to enjoy 3 days of fun and relaxation as one family-oriented group.