FETP CSR- Anawim Lay Missions Foundation Incorporated

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September 15, 2017
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FETP CSR- Anawim Lay Missions Foundation Incorporated

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“You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.” – John Wooden

For the past few years, it has been a tradition of FETP to help provide goods and services to the society, known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This year, Employees’ Event Committee (EEC) took the responsibility to continue this mission and decided to visit and donate some goods to Anawim (Home of the God’s Poor), EEC’s chosen recipient in 2016.

“*Anawim Lay Missions is a small facility for the poor and abandoned elderly people founded by Catholic lay preacher Bo Sanchez in Rizal Province, Philippines. Its purpose is to provide a home, a sanctuary, and warm and care to people who have nowhere else to go and have been rejected by their families.

Last December 22, 2016, the EEC, together with Mr. Masanori Takada and one employee volunteer, buckled up to visit Anawim (Home of the God’s Poor). They left Alabang at around 1:30 in the afternoon. They traveled for about 3 hours, not to mention the traffic and bumpy roads they encountered going to the destination. They brought donations for the Anawim residents containing medicines, multivitamins, alcohols, Efficacent oil and other things that can be used by the elderly.

Upon arrival at Anawim, the elderly were already seen sitting on benches, relaxing to their content and feeling the fresh air. Ms. Arsenia, a social worker who has been in Anawim for several years, accompanied the EEC and Mr. Takada in a tour of the whole place. Aside from the elderly, there are also some special children residing in Anawim. The oldest one staying at Anawim is 96 years old, while the youngest is 60 years old. All of them seemed very happy seeing new faces. One of them even sang a Spanish song for their visitors. When asked if she could translate the song, she replied, “Why would I translate such a beautiful thing?” leaving everyone smiling at the silly thought. Some even told stories about how they experienced the Japanese occupation during World War II. Everyone seemed so strong, healthy, lively and very happy staying at the place.

Before leaving Anawim, the FETP group roamed the place for a little bit more learning that Anawim has also fish ponds and organic plants. They also took pictures together with Ms. Arsenia, the head of the house, and some of the residents.

The weariness of traveling through very long, far, bumpy and bushy roads paid off just by seeing the elderly people’s smiling faces. It was worth all the jaded body knowing that you made a person happy by just visiting them and giving them some of their basic needs. If Anawim’s mission is to care for the abandoned elderly and poor people, then ours is to be their support and source of energy for them to live longer and enjoy life while they still can.

Let us all continue to support these kind of missions in the future!